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5 Ways to Make Rand Online Slots Pay

rand online casinos 5 ways to make them payJune 17, 2015 - The great thing about casino slots is how brilliantly they've translated to rand online casinos. All you need to tap into their varied and vast networks of virtual or online slot games is a decent PC, laptop or smart phone or device, a stable Internet connection, and a credit card or a bank account. Never again will you have to trek for kilometres to a land casino, pay for parking and queue up to play your favourite one-arm-bandit to get your slots groove-on.

The Best South African Casino Slots 24/7

Thanks to the 24/7 convenience of the premier rand online casino sites featured on South African Casinos, you can get your slots groove-on any time night or day, and you'll never have to queue for your slot, no matter what it is. Whether you're a fan of classic, single line slots, or multiple line video slots, bonus slots, feature slots or the 'Big Mamma' of slots, progressives, rest assured you'll find what you're looking for online.

The only question you should be asking yourself is how to make rand online slots pay? Well, I'm here to tell you how. By adhering to the following 5 Ways to Make Rand Online Slots Pay methods, you should be able to improve your chances of winning, not too mention your levels of enjoyment, as you try to win some of the biggest payouts this side of Sun City, Las Vegas and Macau. Remember, however, to always gamble responsibly.

1. Seek the Highest Slot Payout Percentages

Most reputable rand online casinos publish Payout Percentages for their casino games which are an independantly audited and verified indication (percentage) of how much of each rand gambled are paid out to players collectively as winnings. For instance, if you come across a South African online casino advertising a Payout Percentage of 94.80% across its slot games, it pays out R0.94 of every R1 played in winnings.

So it follows that the higher a rand online casino's slot Payout Percentage, the greater your chances of being paid out. Of course, just because an online casino boasts higher Payout Percentages than its rivals does not mean you are guaranteed to log off a winner. It just means your chances of being paid out are slightly better. When you read the South African casino reviews on this site, take note of the Payout Percentages.

2. Acknowledge Lady Luck and Slots

Just like their land casino counterparts, rand online slot games are powered by state-of-the-art Random Number Generator (RNG) software - the key word being random. This software ensures that each and every spin of the reels is 100% random, regardless of if you bet the minimum or maximum. So whether you touch wood, stroke your lucky rabbit's foot or seek divine intervention, you need to accept that every spin is random.

The way to make Lady Luck pay, however, is to not get stuck in a rut by playing the same slot game for hours, expecting it to pay out. If you find that a game is not paying out and the number of spins between payouts is typically greater than 5, do not hesitate to leave that game for another. South African online casinos are renowned for their choice of games, particularly slots, and so if one game doesn't pay out, another just may.

3. Understand the Slot Games You Play

This may sound like a no-brainer, you'd be surprised by how many slots fans the world over play games without a proper understanding of their rules and features, such as Scatters, Wilds, Bonus Rounds, Stacked Wilds, Free Spins etc. The better you'll understand how a rand online slots game works, the faster you'll be able to navigate it, play it and, most importantly, take notice how many times its feature symbols come up.

If you find that a slot game's features symbols - which are usually where your biggest payouts will hail from - don't come up often enough and your payouts are few and far between, don't hesitate to leave that game and try another, which may be 'looser,' i.e. more inclined to pay out more often. Knowing how every slot game you play works will allow you greater control over that game, which in turn will increase your level of enjoyment.

4. Choose a Bet Size to Suit your Budget

While most South African online gamblers obviously play slots online with the aim of winning vast amounts of money from the privacy, convenience and comfort of their own homes, the majority also play rand online slots because it is fun and exciting, and a dynamic form of entertainment. If you fall into this category, you'll want to ensure your funds go as far as possible which means choosing a game with a bet size to suit your budget.

As a responsible online slot fan, only play with funds you can afford to lose, set and stick to a per session limit, and manage your bet size. To maximise your potential winnings, always play a slot on its maximum bet. For instance, if you have a R500 per casino session limit, instead of playing a slot with a R100 max bet (for a meagre 5 spins), rather choose a game with a R10 max bet (for 50 spins), and improve your odds of winning.

5. Change Your Slot Betting Patterns

If you're serious about maximising your slot winnings, don't be afraid to change up your slot betting patterns. For instance, if you find yourself playing an multi-line video slot that is paying out nicely on 10c a line (contrary to my advice to only play a slot game on its maximum bet) consider increasing your per-line bet size to say 20c for a few spins. That way, if your hot winning streak continues, your winnings will increase exponentially.

Likewise, if your winning streak ends and your pay outs decrease, reduce your current bet size for a few spins, and if you feel a 'cold streak' coming on, leave that game and try another. Altering your betting patterns gives you a greater control over your playing funds, and while there is no guarantee you'll win or lose either way, saving a few rand here and there means an extra spin of the reels down the line that could pay out a fortune.

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