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The Rules of Keno

Keno Rules

the rules of kenoKeno is another very easy to play and highly popular online casino game in 2024, and is reminiscent of bingo and the lottery. If you are unsure and want to win big at South African casinos, we recommend you read the following keno rules:

Keno Overview

It was first played in China centuries ago, where it eventually made its way to America with Chinese immigrants in the 1800s, where it has maintained its popularity right up to today.

Similar to the lottery, keno is an easy game to play and one which can prove to be extremely lucrative.

What's particularly great about keno is that you can win large amounts with relatively small bets.

How to Play Keno

The way keno works is that the game consists of a numbered grid from 1 to 80. You then get to choose 2 to 10 numbers on the grid, commonly called 'spots'.

You can vary your bet size depending on how lucky you feel. Your online casino's respective online keno software will then randomly pick 10 spots on the keno grid.

If 1 or more of your spots matches any of the 10 randomly selected during that round (depending on how many spots you initially selected), you'll be paid out according to the keno game's payout table.

It really is as simple as that which makes keno a fantastic game to play and one which any level of online gambler can enjoy.

Keno Odds

While keno odds aren't as 'player friendly' as many other online casino games, keno can be a great alternative to slots or video poker.

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