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LottoStar Sponsors SA Power Couple TV Show

lottostar sponsors power couple saSeptember 10, 2015 - Tonight (Thursday, September 10th, 2015) at 7:30pm, DSTV premium subscribers in South Africa and beyond can tune into M-NET (Channel) for the first episode of Power Couple, a dynamic and exciting new 14-episode couples-based TV series sponsored by LottoStar, South Africa's first ever lotto betting provider.

Described by some as a cross between Survivor, Fear Factor and The Dating Game, Power Couple South Africa will see eight couples move into a house together in Camps Bay, Cape Town, where each week they will have to face a series of guy or girl challenges designed to test their mental and physical prowess, as well as their relationships.

Who'll Win Power Couple South Africa?

Inspired by its Israeli and Portuguese counterparts, South African Power Couple has been widely touted as a hair-raising, high-octane, daring and adrenaline-pumping series that will have M-NET viewers clamouring to find out which of the couples will fall by the wayside, and which will eventually be crowned as SA's first Power Couple.

To make things interesting, each couple will be given a 'gambling kitty' which they can use to bet up to R50,000 on their partner's upcoming challenge. If they succeed in their challenge, their winnings will be credited to their kitty. Fail in their challenge, however, and they'll be a step closer to elimination, and the end of their Power Couple journey.

One Couple Will Win a Whopping R1-Million

After each guy and girl challenge, two couples face elimination each week - the couple with the least money in their gambling kitty, and the couple who lost the elimination round. The other remaining couples must vote strategically on who they want to keep in the house, which means the couple with the least votes are asked to pack their bags.

As for the last team standing, the winning Power Couple will walk away R1-million richer, with the knowledge that their relationship survived all manner of tests while they out-strategised and outmanoeuvred their rivals. One of the twists of Power Couple South Africa, is that regardless of who wins, the public can vote for their favourite couple.

M-Net Leading the Way Forward

Said Victor Eckard, director of M-Net and M-Net Edge, "It's all very exciting and we're thrilled to lead the global pack again by bringing our viewers a fresh format we believe will take the world by storm. There'll be romance, drama, action, adventure, suspense and potentially massive cash rewards for the Power Couple contestants."

Power Couple sponsor LottoStar offers players the chance to play three foreign lotteries and win enormous amounts - up to R75 million on the EuroMillions every Tuesday and Friday, up to R90 million on the Spanish lotto game Monday to Saturday, and up to R160 million on the SuperenaLotto draw on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

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