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February 2016 Promos at Casino Cruise

March 2016 South African Online Casino Promotions

Send your South African online casino experience to a new level with these march 2016 promotionsMarch 1, 2016 - It feels like just a couple of weeks ago that 2016 was rung in, and already March is here. It just goes to show that time sure does fly when you're having fun.

In fact, this month you can look forward to even more fun, exciting and lucrative South African online casino promos from our premier Rand online and mobile casinos.

Kicking off the action is our brand spanking new Rand online casino Apollo Slots, which has a slew of generous signup bonuses just waiting for you to take advantage of.

Claim R9,999 From Apollo Slots Now

If there was one subject at school that I really, really loved, it sure as hell wasn't history. That said, between my incredible memory and an obscure little site called Wikipedia, I recall that Apollo is the Greek god of medicine, music, sun, poetry, art and a host of other things that have made him so popular.

So it follows that his namesake, Apollo Slots, is well on its way to becoming an extremely popular South African online casino, not least because of its super generous R9,999 Welcome Bonus package that you can claim as a first time player and depositor.

Here's how this wondrous Rand signup bonus offer breaks down:

  • With your first deposit you can enjoy a 100% Matching Bonus of up to R2,999 Free - Use Coupon Code: APL100
  • With your second deposit you can enjoy an 80% Matching Bonus of up to R4,000 Free - Use Coupon Code: APL80
  • And finally, with your third deposit you can enjoy a 60% Matching Bonus of up to R3,000 Free - Use Coupon Code: APL60

Added together that's just less that R10,000 in FREE casino bonus cash! Wowser, talk about music to your ears - thanks Apollo!

It's March Madness at Silver Sands Casino

Here at South African Casinos you may have noticed that Silver Sands Casino is our #1 rated Rand online casino.

There are many reasons for this, and to find out what they are I suggest you read our Silver Sands online casino review before you sign up with Silver Sands Casino, and let your true destiny unfold in front of you like a red carpet.

But first, be sure to take note of Silver Sands' plethora of generous bonus and promotional offers which are all designed with one thing in mind - to give you loads of free casino cash.

As the great Aristotle himself was once rumoured to have exclaimed, "he who does not pick up a fallen apple, should never complain about being hungry!

Or was it Plato who said that? Who knows. The point is to make lemonade while the sun shines, and in the case of Silver Sands Casino that means taking advantage of its:

  • R8,888 Welcome Bonus with your first three deposits
  • R50 No Deposit Bonus - Share Silver Sands Casino on Facebook to get this
  • Monday Cash Back - Deposit no less than R1,000 every Monday, and you'll get 40% back as bonus cash
  • Crazy Wednesday - Receive two FREE bonus coupons every Wednesday
  • Thunder Thursday - Receive one FREE bonus coupon every Thursday
  • Skrill - Deposit using Skrill and enjoy a 50% bonus up to R5,000 FREE

Believe it or not, but you'll find even more exciting promotions featured on Silver Sands Casino, so toddle along over there to discover them for yourself.

Now if these 'winning' promotions don't get your online gambling juices flowing faster then the Angel Falls in Venezuela, don't panic, but you may just need to check your pulse.

These are just a few samples of what March 2016 has in store for you. So happy Rand online gambling folks!

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