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The Rules of Slots

Slot Rules

the rules of slotsOnline slots are extremely easy to play, with plenty on offer at our chosen 2024-featured South African online casinos. As such, we highly recommend you read the following slot rules:

Slots Overview

As online slots are probably the most popular gambling game on the internet today, you'll find a huge variety of online slot games and variants to choose from.

The more you play slots, the more you will learn to recognize 'loose' slots games from 'tight' slots games. Loose slots pay out small amounts pretty regularly, while tight slots pay out larger amounts less regularly.

Slots games include single pay line, multi-pay line, 3-reel (classic), 5-reel, video slots, bonus slots and of course progressive jackpot slots.

However, no matter what online slots game you choose to play, you'll find the principles much the same.

How to Play Slots

  1. Choose a game with the denomination you want to play with.
  2. To start playing, hit the 'Insert Money' button.
  3. Hit 'Bet One' to play a single credit.
  4. Hit 'Max Bet' to play the maximum credits.
  5. Hit the 'Spin' button to spin the reels.

When you win, check your overall winnings or balance in the game's credit box.

Cash Out your Winnings

Always remember to 'Cash Out' your winnings when you leave your game as many slot games and online casinos may not do this for you automatically and you'll risk losing your hard-earned winnings.

With online slots, minimum and maximum bets will be different depending on the online casino and the particular slots game you are playing.

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