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Top 10 Slot Tips

Slot Tips

tips for playing slotsHere are our top 10 slot tips of 2024 to help increase your chances of spinning and winning on the best slots at any of the fine South African casinos featured on this site:

  1. Choose only safe and lucrative online casinos to play online slots games on, like those recommended on this website.
  2. Always gamble on online slot games with the high payout percentages. (Any percentage payouts over 95% are recommended).
  3. Set yourself a 'gambling budget' and stick to it. Never gamble online with funds you cannot afford to lose.
  4. If you have a limited gambling budget, play on online slot games that accept lower denominations but have high payout tables. This will ensure that your playing funds go further and increase your chances of winning.
  5. Learn to tell the difference between 'loose' and 'tight' online slot games. Loose slot games pay out smaller amounts more frequently and tight slot games pay out larger amounts less frequently.
  6. When playing progressive jackpot online slots games, only ever play the maximum bet.
  7. If the slot game you are playing doesn't pay out in 6 to 8 spins, don't be afraid to change games.
  8. Understand that just because you've played R300 on a single slots game does not mean that it will 'necessarily' pay out.
  9. When you win a decent amount of money, don't be afraid to cash out and come back another day instead of being tempted to 'feed it all back into the game'.
  10. Remember to always cash out your winnings when you leave your slots game. The casino may not do it for you automatically and you may lose your winnings if you don't.
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