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South African Online Casino Jackpots 2024

South African Online Casino Jackpots

rand online casino jackpotsRand casino jackpots routinely reach into the millions and even tens of millions before they pay out, which is why they are the most popular games at Rand online casinos in 2024 for players from far and wide seeking instant riches beyond compare.

Just picture it - one moment you're having fun playing a cutting edge, graphically rich Rand progressive jackpot game from the comfort of your home or the convenience of your mobile, and the next you're unbelievably wealthy.

Win a large enough South African progressive jackpot, and you could pay off your bond, buy a new car or 3, put your kids through school and/or university, and travel all over the world in complete luxury and style!

What are Progressive Jackpot Games?

Progressive jackpot games are typically slots, but are also available in video poker, poker and arcade-style variants, that have constantly growing jackpots that can reach millions and even tens of millions before they pay out.

Where the maximum payouts of regular slots are fixed, progressive jackpots are unlimited which means they can grow to gargantuan life-changing amounts before they blow.

Jackpots Grow Across a Network of Sites

The way online progressive jackpots are able to increase all the time is because a small percentage of each and every coin bet on a particular jackpot game across the network of online casinos that offer the same game, go into the progressive pot or kitty.

As such, the jackpot keeps on rising until a lucky player like you comes along and on a maximum bet wins the whole caboodle in one fell swoop.

What are the Types of Progressive Jackpots?

You'll encounter three main types of progressive jackpot games at South African casino in 2016 - Standalone, Local and WAN (Wide Area Network). Here is a short description of each:

Standalone Progressive Jackpot Games

This was the original progressive jackpot game, and served for many years to whet the appetite of slot fans eager to win more than than the maximum payouts of most regular slots.

Standalone Progressive jackpots are self-contained progressives fed solely by bets placed on an individual slot machine. Players are attracted by the promise of instant riches, assuming the jackpot is high enough, which is usually in the tens of thousands before they pay out.

Local Progressive Jackpot Games

Local Progressive jackpots came about when casinos recognised just how popular Standalone Progressive jackpots were, and took things to the next level by linking many games together to produce a localised 'network,' with a shared progessive jackpot.

More players at the same casino can play for the same big prize but on different machines, and thus drive up the jackpot faster and to even greater heights. These routinely reach into the millions before they pay out.

WAN Progressive Jackpot Games

WAN Progressive jackpots are the most frequent and favoured of all progressive jackpot games, as they share a common jackpot even though they are available in rival casinos.

As they are accessible by thousands of slot players at a multitude of premier casinos, their jackpots regularly reach mammoth proportions in the way of tens and even hundreds of millions to create instant land and online casino millionaires with a single lucky spin of the reels.

How Do You Play Progressive Jackpots?

Like any other online slot game. The only difference between Rand online casino progressive jackpots and other online casino games is that they have a constantly growing jackpots.

A spin is still as spin and while some top online progressives offer a fixed coin size, most allow you to choose a coin size to suit your budget. But for the best chance of winning the 'Big Kahuna,' always play the maximum bet.

Also remember that while your objective with rand progressive jackpots is to win the big prize, you'll still have the same chance to win the game's published payouts through regular game play and triggering features and generous bonus rounds.

So while you might not win millions straight off the mark (always be optimistic), you may very well log off a few thousand or tens of thousands of Rand richer.

Is there a Progressive Jackpot Strategy?

Yes, you have to play progressive jackpot games for a chance to win big. But seriously, the only strategy to remember when playing jackpot games is to set a daily, weekly or monthly budget, and stick to it.

One day you might find that your funds don't go very far, but don't stress - or be tempted to re-fund your account - because you can come back another day and hopefully you'll encounter Lady Luck.

Some online slot experts say that progressive jackpot games are 'harder to crack' than regular games, but the reality is that you have just as much chance of winning a mammoth progressive jackpot with your first R100 as another player who has already wagered R10,000.

This is the very nature of the beast, and there are hundreds of documented cases where players have won their fortunes within minutes of logging on.

Are there Rand Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Yes, although to be fair, the world's best online casinos offer their games in a multitude of languages and currencies, South African Rand being one of them.

So whenever you play on a South African-friendly online casinos i.e. casinos that welcomes South Africans, you'll be able to deposit, play and make withdrawals in ZAR. So you'll be spared the hassle of converting to and from other currencies.

Another benefit of playing South African progressive jackpots is that you can keep track of exactly how much you're wagering while playing.

Before the advent of South African casinos online, players from SA had no choice but to play in US Dollars, GB Pounds or Euros, making it hard to keep track of their betting. But thanks to the slew of excellent SA online casinos, that is no longer an issue.

What are the Best Progressive Jackpots?

Now that is an excellent question. There are so many premier rand progressive jackpots online to choose from that it is hard to pinpoint the best.

That said, here at South African Casinos, we are partial to progressive jackpot games provided by online gambling software giants and premier online casinos featured on this site because in some cases a single lucky spin of the reels could deliver you a life-changing windfall!