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Copyright and Disclaimer

south african casinos copyrightSouthafricancasinos.org.za is an independent rand casino guide that provides free land casino, online casino, mobile casino and general gambling related information, but itself does not offer any gaming services, facilities or games of any kind, nor does it accept, elicit or process monies of any kind.


Because online gambling is illegal in South Africa, southafricancasinos.org.za is strictly and solely to be used as an entertainment and informational guide.

Neither southafricancasinos.org.za nor its proprietors condone, encourage or endorse online gambling in any way - as per the current gambling laws of the land.

The onus is on you as a South African to adhere to these laws, and ensure that you meet any and all South African regulatory and age requirements and/or restrictions.


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Responsible Gambling

If you're a fan of gambling, the onus is on you to gamble responsibly and within the laws applicable to your country, province, state or territory, and southafricancasinos.org.za can and will not be held liable otherwise.

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